Your Personal Meditation Guide: One-on-One Guidance

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Do You Need A Meditation Guide?

Meditation has an enormous number of benefits. 
It is an effective way to   
*relax *sleep better  *reduce stress and anxiety  *be more mindful *connect to your own inner wisdom, your higher self *manifest your goals in life   *and so much more.

Trouble is, have you tried it but… found it very difficult?

Maybe you’ve dabbled with it but never had a regular practice.

You’ve downloaded an app but only use it occasionally.

You’ve done online courses but gave up halfway through.

Then let me be your personal meditation guide.

I will teach you how to meditate with individual guided meditations that are tailored to you.

your personal meditation guide, Kristina Day

Four week
meditation course

Learn to meditate with this private 4 week online meditation course.
Here’s what you’ll get::

One-on-One Zoom Meetings and Your Own Personal Guided Meditations

In this four week course we will meet on zoom one-on-one, just you and me, to discuss where you’re currently at with your meditation practice.

If you’re a total beginner that’s fine, all levels are welcome.

We’ll also discuss what you’d like to get out of your meditation practice.

Then we will meditate together: I will take you through a guided meditation that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

meditation guide

There are so many different type of meditation and they all have different benefits and different results.

Here are a few of them:


Simple Breathing

What is meditation?


sleep meditation

Sleep Meditation

body scan meditation

Body Scan


I will send you your personal guided meditation to download so you can practice with it for the coming week. 

In the 2nd week we’ll meet again on zoom and discuss how you’ve been going with the practice, what went well – and what didn’t.

Based on your experiences I will guide you through a new meditation practice. You can try out different styles of meditation or finetune the one we started with.

So in the four week course you’ll get four individual guided meditations.

You also get daily accountability:
You will have your personal page on my site where you can record if you’ve done the meditation or not and how it went.

We will also discuss any specific difficulties you might be having, such as

  • You get distracted a lot
  • You can’t seem to find the time
  • You can’t switch off your mind
personal meditation guide

Individual support and guidance. 

If you’ve always wanted to meditate more but haven’t been consistent enough then let me help you make meditation a daily habit. It will feel good to actually finish a course, not to mention that you can now get the benefits of meditation every day.

These benefits include not only calm and relaxation, but also tuning in to your intuition and making more heart centered decisions. Have more love for yourself and others while connecting with your higher self.

I can personally vouch for the many wonderful benefits that meditation has to offer.

My name is Kristina and I’ve been teaching meditation for over 20 years.

So if you enroll now I really look forward to being your meditation guide and meditating with you very soon.

This online course is for you if you’d like to

Learn how to meditate with personalized meditations

Ask your questions and get in-depth answers

Have accountability for your daily practice

Receive guided meditations adjusted to your needs each week

Make meditating a habit you enjoy

Build a regular practice that you do every day

Get personal feedback and guidance

Try out different meditations and find a method that is right for you

What you will get

Four weeks of personal meditation guidance

Four recorded guided meditations (mp3s) tailored to you

Daily check-ins for accountability

Weekly 1-on-1 face to face sessions (via zoom or similar) with personal guidance

Course Outline

Week 1

First one-to-one zoom meeting. 

Establish your needs. 

Receive your first personalized meditation practice. 

Start practicing meditation. 

Week 2

Second one-to-one zoom meeting. 

Receive your 2nd personalized meditation practice, with adjustments based on your experience in week 1.  

Week 3

Third one-to-one zoom meeting. 

Receive your 3rd personalized meditation practice, with adjustments based on your experience in week 2. 


Establish a meditation routine you enjoy. 

Week 4

Fourth one-to-one zoom meeting. 

Receive your 4th personalized meditation practice, with adjustments based on your experience in week 3.  

Take pride in completing the course and in having made meditation a regular habit. 

By the End of the Course

You will have

Several guided meditations that are fine tuned to your exact preferences, in terms of length and content. 

A meditation practice you can enjoy and sustain long term and that gives you the benefits you’re seeking. 

Developed the habit of meditating and start to see the benefits of a regular practice.  

The ability to rely on a new habit you’ve formed: regular meditation. You can now  access deeper levels of calm, gain increasing depths and insights which can only come from regular practice.

The three Biggest Misconceptions

about meditation


Meditation means not having any thoughts. 

Meditating doesn’t mean “emptying the mind” or “thinking about nothing.” Thinking is normal. There will always be thoughts and in this course you will learn how to work with that. 


Meditation means sitting very still, cross legged on the floor.

There are many ways to meditate. In this course we will explore meditating lying down, sitting on a chair, and while moving.


There is only one type of meditation.

There are a great many different types of meditation that lead to many different results. In this course you will get to try several and choose one you like that is aligned with your goals. 

I look forward to meditating with you very soon!


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