Spiritual Movies that are good for your soul

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Spiritual Movies Good For Your Soul

If you’re on an inner quest these spiritual movies will guide you. They will make you laugh, cry, enchant your soul – and reveal your own deeper truths.

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Movies about Angels

City of Angels (Meg Ryan, Nicolas Cage)


The ultimate love story between an angel and the woman he is looking after.

This depiction of how angels see and work with us has stuck with me for decades! Highly recommended.  

The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon, Emily Blunt)


A different kind of angel movie where angels try to prevent the two protagonists from falling in love, because it’s not meant to be. 

The only movie I’ve come across that depicts angels in a quite intriguing but completely non-sentimental way. 

The Preacher’s Wife (Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston)


An angel (Denzel Washington) is sent to earth to help a preacher but ends up falling in love with the preacher’s wife.

A bit slow and doesn’t really deliver the big miracle you’d expect at the end. But both Denzel and Whitney are beautiful to watch and when the gospel choir sings you just want to get up and dance! Whitney is totally in her element.

If I remember rightly there isn’t a single white person in the entire movie which is great to see.

Meet Joe Black (Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins)


When the Angel of Death (Brad Pitt) comes to take Bill, Bill manages to postpone his death by promising to be Death’s guide on earth. He doesn’t realise that Death has come in the form of a young man who his daughter is in love with. Things then get complicated not just for Bill and his daughter but even for the Angel of Death.

An absolute classic, I love this movie. Brad Pitt is  mesmerizing here. 

Click (Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken)


Michael (Adam Sandler) doesn’t know it but he lives his life always thinking, “If only this thing would stop or that thing would happen THEN I’d be happy”.

One day he’s given a magic remote control that allows him to fast forward all those parts of his life. Skip over boring conversations, illness, fights and arguments, or even foreplay with his wife… and get right to the good stuff. Career, success, money.

But when he gets there he finds this happiness is short-lived. 

This is a really funny, laugh out loud movie (and yes, it has a surprising angel in it as well) and the message that we have to find happiness right as we are – or we never will.

Movies about the Afterlife

Ghost (Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg)


Such a classic. This movie has everything, a great plot, great actors, great music, love, drama, and well… that pottery scene.

Whoopie and the screenplay both won an Oscar. And one of my spiritual teachers said that the way death is portrayed right at the end (the way Mollie sees Sam depart) is incredibly accurate. 

The Shack

This is one of my favourite movies of all time. It’s about a man called Mack who cannot come to terms with the tragedy of his child’s death when, unexpectedly he comes face to face with God.

Not in the form of an old man with a white beard but in a much more beautiful and authentic way. God has his son and the Holy Spirit by his side, and they all spend a weekend together so Mack can ask the questions that torment him and have caused him to lose his faith. Where was God when his little girl died? How could He let this happen? The answers change his life. 

I’ve cried virtually all the way through this movie and I defy you not to do the same…

Hereafter (Matt Damon, Cécile de France, directed by Clint Eastwood)


After the big, spectacular opening this is actually a very gentle, quiet and tender movie. Often quite sad (and at times even slow) but with a low-key happy ending. Matt Damon is brilliant playing a very reluctant psychic who can accurately convey messages from the deceased but feels his gift is a curse. The way near death experiences are depicted is incredibly accurate without being sentimental. This isn’t a typical Hollywood movie, despite the big A-list names. 

Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo)


This isn’t so much a spiritual movie, more a romantic comedy with a twist: one half of the couple is a spirit. However, very funny and romantic too.  

Defending Your Life (Meryl Streep, Albert Brooks)


A comedy set in the Afterlife where a panel of judges asks all of the recently deceased: How much did you let fear run your life? The answer determines which part of the afterlife you go to next, and Albert Brooks’ character finds he has to defend his fear-driven life in order to be allowed to advance.

Fun and entertaining but for all its humor, this has been an important movie for me to acknowledge how much fear plays a role in my own life!

Charlie St Cloud (Zac Efron)


Charlie has it all, including a scholarship to go to Stanford university, when his younger brother suddenly dies in a tragic accident. But their strong bond continues and allows him to see and talk to his little brother. even in the afterlife.  He ends up giving up all that is good in his life just so he can keep the connection going. But one day he has to make a decision about his own future, life or death.

No great revelations for me here but if you’re struggling to let go of someone’s memory this might resonate strongly. (If so, I highly recommend watching The Shack first though.) Either way, very moving to watch. 

Always (Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Director Steven Spielberg)

At first this appears to be an action movie about firefighters who fly those planes that drop water on massive forest fires. And there are some good action scenes here. But the film is called Always because it’s really about undying romance: a couple who love each other more than anything but at the same time challenge and trigger each other almost to an unbearable extend.
Pete is a daredevil who takes a lot of risks when flying his fire fighting planes, which drives Dorinda crazy with worry.
When Pete is killed he returns as an involuntary guardian angel, because Dorinda is still his girl and he just can’t let go.
Audrey Hepburn makes her last screen appearance in a beautiful cameo as an angel.

Movies about Jesus

Messiah (on Netflix)


Set in modern day, we follow the journey of this charismatic figure as he gathers followers and haters, gets arrested, abducted, has guns pointed at him, is interrogated by the CIA… and all the while ignites people’s faiths.

This is not a retelling of the life of Jesus but an exploration of what might happen if a messianic figure did appear today.

I found myself spellbound by the way the main character lives in total surrender. Wherever he finds himself – be it in a prison cell or a luxury hotel, faced with cruelty or love – he fully surrenders to his guidance of the moment and brings his message and his healing without any attachment to the outcome. A huge inspiration! 

Jesus Christ Superstar

The Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice rock opera about the life and death of Christ is still so good. The portrayal of Jesus has not lost any of its charisma and the music hasn’t aged at all. 

Jesus Revolution (Jonathan Roumie, Kelsey Grammer)


Based on a true story, this movie is about how Chuck Smith, an old school Southern Californian pastor, met Lonnie Frisbee, a free-spirited hippie and charismatic evangelist.

The real miracle (to me) is how the pastor slowly lets this hippie into his heart and into his church. The two become leading figures in the Jesus Movement which exploded across the United States, Europe and Central America, a movement that sought to bring spirituality back into the church traditions.

The Star

Strictly speaking, this animated film isn’t about Jesus but rather about a donkey 😉

It retells the story of nativity from the perspective of the animals in the manger and how they, Mary, and Joseph got to be there. Super creative and great fun. 


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Movies about Karma and How We're All Connected


A brilliant, clever and moving story about the interlocking lives of a dozen Los Angeles residents – black, white, Latino, Asian, and Persian.

Beautifully shows the law of cause and effect in action and what it actually means that we are all connected.  

Pay It Forward (Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt)


Be kind to a complete stranger, no strings attached. Then ask them to be kind to 3 other people in turn. Watch how the chain reaction changes the world. 

Brilliant movie – I didn’t want it to end! And when it does it’s quite shocking.

This film manages to be surprisingly gritty while being beautifully romantic. And the child in the lead (the kid from The 6th Sense) absolutely steals the show.

It’s a Wonderful Life (James Stewart)


Not just for Christmas! A great movie to show no matter how much we may think we haven’t accomplished anything (don’t we all think this at times?) and never made an impact on anyone – this is just not true.

The Family Man (Nicholas Cage)


Nicholas Cage plays a hard-charging businessman who is not at all family oriented. One Christmas he gets the chance to experience how his life would have turned out if he had made a different decision over a decade ago.

Great for Christmas!  


You know when the universe is trying to point you in one direction but you’re hell bent to go in another? Everything goes wrong and you have a day from hell. Until you give in and take the door the universe has opened for you and suddenly everything is easy.
This is what happens to the stressed out advertising exec who finds herself in Sedona – the last place she wants to be and exactly where she’s meant to be…

Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston)


Bruce has a bad day and complains bitterly, blaming everyone but himself – mainly God: “The only one not doing his job around here is you!”

So God arranges a meeting and gives Bruce all of His own powers, saying if he thinks Bruce can do a better job he is welcome to try. Ecstatic, Bruce doesn’t hesitate to get back at people who have wronged him but comes to realize that this has unforeseen consequences on the rest of humanity which he now has to race to put right…

This is such a funny and light-hearted movie but with a deeper message about prayer and surrender.

Sliding Doors (Gwyneth Paltrow)


A romantic comedy with a very clever plot that alternates between two storylines. It shows how Helen’s life (Gwyneth Paltrow) could go very differently depending on what is initially a very small variation: whether she manages to get on a particular underground train or just misses it by a second.

Mystical Movies

The Dark Crystal (director Jim Henson)

A thousand years ago, the Dark Crystal – a source of balance and truth in the universe – was shattered, dividing the inhabitants on planet Thra into different clans. Some good, some evil – but all of them incomplete. Now the time has come for Jen and Kira – the last of their race – to fulfil the prophecy and make both the crystal and the clans whole again. 

An epic movie set in a fantasy world laden with symbolism. Jen’s clan called the Mystics have infinite wisdom and know how to command the powers of mantra. Kira’s clan live in complete symbiosis and harmony with nature, being able to summon plants, animals, and mystical creatures. Kira also has wings, because she’s a girl (boys do not). Beings can share each others memories telepathically, which is called dreamfasting. And so much more. 

The movie is a mix of animation, live action (but entirely without humans) and computer generation.

Despite its age it holds up so well that it has even prompted a prequel in 2019 called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (on Netflix, but not as good as the original movie, in my opinion.)

Mists of Avalon 

A 3 hour miniseries about the epic legend of King Arthur and his court at Camelot. The story is told by Morgaine LaFay, Arthur’s sorceress and protectress of the kingdom. But all the legendary characters such as Lancelot, Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake play a part in this epic drama. 

The parting of the mists and going from one world to another is unforgettable! 

Astral City: A Spiritual Journey (Nosso Lar)

In Portuguese with English subtitles.
This is a deeply inspiring film with stunning visuals.
After his death, Andre first finds himself in some kind of purgatory but is later rescued by what appears to be angels. He is taken to a city of healers. Although the place looks futuristic it already exists in our present time. Through his (after)life in this astral city we witness what happens after death, where souls go, and what might await us after our passing. We can also see how we / our soul plans future incarnations, how we always continue to have free will, and how selflessness can awaken the power of healing in us.
Based on the book by Chico Xavier, Brazil’s best-known and respected medium, this film is a true illustration of the spiritual journey. 

The Green Planet (La Belle Verte)

(with Coline Serreau)

In French with English subtitles
A very funny movie with a great message!
This movie can be hard to find as it continues to be banned or taken down, but has many hard core fans who say this is their favourite film of all time and who keep it alive, re-upping a free copy all over the internet. 
It is about the inhabitants of the Green Planet in another solar system who live in complete harmony with nature and are spiritually very advanced, having mastered telepathy, interstellar travel, and many other spiritual gifts.
One of them travels to Earth and we see life on our planet through her eyes – which is both very funny and very sad at the same time.
Well worth a watch if you’re looking to be entertained and spiritually inspired at the same time.

The Cup


In Tibetan with English subtitles
Such a funny, heart warming movie.
The film lets us see the intriguing every day life of a remote Himalayan monastery. Steeped in rituals, devotion, study, prayer.
Where the nearest television set is a whole day’s travel away.
Which presents a challenge to two young football obsessed monastic monks who will do anything to be able to watch the World Cup final!
A film that beautifully captures the essence of the Tibetan people, religion, humour, and charm.

Movies about Spiritual Awakening and
Questioning Reality

The Secret: Dare To Dream (Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas)

A quiet love story that is very sweet and down to earth. Miranda is down on her luck but then a stranger comes into her life and his belief in the power of positive thinking re-ignites her spirit of hope. But he keeps a secret from her which changes everything…
Based on the film and the book The Secret (a self help book about the power of our thoughts and how to manifest the life we want).
However, this movie is more about the step that is necessary before we can manifest: knowing what we want so that we can ask for it.

Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio)


Maybe not a spiritual movie in the strictest sense but I’ve included it because it powerfully illustrates that everything starts off with an idea and how thoughts and ideas become our reality. It also shows the power of the subconscious. We make decisions based on assumptions and can be manipulated unless we check carefully whether what we think is actually valid or not. 

Avatar (director James Cameron)


The Tree of Souls, the incredible depiction of nature, and the way the Na’vi tribe literally bond with the wisdom of all life is very reminiscent of Lemuria, the natural paradise that predated Atlantis. 

The Matrix (Keanu Reeves)


Another movie that questions the reality we live in. “Choosing the red pill” has become a metaphor for facing difficult truths – and ultimately, to wake up to true reality. 

The Giver (Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, cameo by Taylor Swift)


The film is set in an ideal but (literally) colorless world of contentment where war and cruelty have been eradicated along with all negative emotions such as hatred, anger, and envy. 

For me the central question became: if you can’t have the pits of despair can you still have the heights of pure joy, bliss – and love? 

The Da Vinci Code (Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen)


Although it’s actually too violent for me in parts it’s just too gripping not to watch! Dan Brown meticulously researched the secret, protected since the time of Christ… And judging by both the controversy it’s caused and the way it’s resonated with so many of us, it seems there is more to this than just being a fast paced adventure story…

I found myself spellbound by the conspiracies, sacred symbols, monks, and the woman who is the daughter of the ultimate lineage of love.

Spiritual Power
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  1. Lovely article! Thank you for these great choices. There are many I’ve seen before, although Messiah is still on my To Watch list. I think I should check it out :).

    I’d also like to give a suggestion to add. A movie that I absolutely loved is “the Giver”. It really makes you think about the world in a post-apocalyptic story that isn’t too heavy on the action. They did a really great job making this one ;).

    Enjoy watching!


      1. Loved the post for collection of such great movies. Having not watched few from the list, which now I will, I feel the reflection of my words for the description of movies!

        1. Hi Jigisha, it’s so nice to read that my words resonate with you! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. Love this list and your descriptions! Thank you for putting it together. I think the following movies deserve a place here as well:

    The Shift (with Wayne Dyer)
    The Peaceful Warrior
    Conversations with God
    The Celestine Prophecy (although I prefer the book)

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