Travel From Home

Come on an epic adventure

My short travel videos from 

a year of full time travel 

to the spiritual sites around the world.


Part documentary, part visual treat. 


Let’s go!

Travel from home on the slow boat in Laos
100 seconds of spectacular scenery from the slow boat on the Mekong river
Ryokan experience on a budget
Japanese hotel experience with the traditional pyjamas, shared hot spring baths, futons and green tea
Japanese capsule hotel experience
Staying in a Japan Capsule Hotel - what's it really like?
Magical Mandalay in Myanmar
Going to Myanmar (Burma)? Here is why you should visit Mandalay!
best places to travel for spiritual retreat
Under the Wadi Rum spell: staying in a Bedouin tent in the immense, spellbinding desert
Yoga and Meditation retreat, Thailand
3 Days Of Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Thailand
travel from home to Haifa, Israel, home of the Baha'i and the Essenes
The Baha'i, the Essenes and the modern town of Haifa in Israel
How to pack video
How to pack for a whole year of travel?
Between Faith and Fear
Between Faith and Fear - preparing to leave home and go traveling full time

Slow Travel Blog


I found an abundance of (very affordable!) yoga and meditation retreats and spiritual power places in Western Australia, whether you’d like a sound healing or meet kangaroos up close, practice devotional singing or volunteer in an ashram. Here is all the practical info you need for your visit.


Would you like to kick start your yoga and meditation practice? Sort out your life and experience personal growth in a supportive community? Then I’d highly recommend going on a yoga and meditation retreat. Here are three that I have personally tried and loved. With all the practical info you need, including prices.