Spiritual Life and energy coaching

Kristina Day spiritual coaching
A Spiritual Life has two aspects
Align with your divine guidance
Align with your own true self
That is what we do in Spiritual Life and Energy Coaching. 
Let me explain.
Have you ever felt like you have a higher calling in life but you can’t quite work out how to step into it? 
And you’re yearning for a deeper connection to the divine.
But you forget to call on your spirit team when you really need them.  

You feel confused about your spiritual path, trying out this and that and the other. 

Or you feel guilty about practicing only now and then. 
Maybe, very occasionally you feel a pang of jealousy of those who seem to know their purpose and are striding ahead
If you're someone who wants to lead a spiritual life but feel unable to take the right action...

… this might just be the exact thing you’re looking for.

But leading a spiritual life is also about knowing your own true self.

So let me ask you a different question.

Do you feel like you just can’t seem to find clarity. 
Who you are. 
What you want. 

There is an inner resistance that might feel like a fog or constant fatigue.

It’s blocking you from taking action. 

This might be about entering a new relationship. Or leaving one that has run its course. About setting boundaries. Or finding your healthy power

Deep down you may even wonder at times if you actually deserve to be happy, fulfilled or successful – in whatever shape or form that may come for you….
If you are human…

then of course you have felt like that.

We all have. 
Let me tell you right now that you do deserve to be happy, fulfilled and successful. 
Simply by the fact that you’re human. 
We all deserve this. Every one of us.

God, the universe, the divine wants you to feel joy and connection and love. Purpose. Guidance. And ease.  

If you want to align with your divine guidance as well as with your own true self then my Spiritual Life & Energy coaching can help.

Spiritual Life & Energy coaching can heal obstacles and resistance, allowing you to know yourself and consciously create your life, using divine spiritual forces to support you.
Because let’s be honest, most people often lack deep satisfaction in their life and most of the time they don’t know why. 
If this is you it’s not your fault. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Oh and in case you didn’t know…
To benefit from coaching there doesn’t have to be anything “wrong with you”.

As long as we’re not yet fully awake to our own inner potential we all have more work to do.

Let me share with you What I often work on

Not just with my clients. But what has helped me a lot in my own journey.

We all make certain key decisions when we are small about who we are, right?  I mean taking the role of  

the helper, the peacemaker, the fighter…

Do you know what I mean?
We do this to get through life. To protect ourselves. 
And then we assume throughout all of our life that this is who we are. And act accordingly – on autopilot. 
But we can take care of ourselves in a different way. We can remake key decisions. We can be more if we want to. 
When we gain clarity we gain agency and choice. We can decide again.

Honestly, for me

as well as many others, coaching has been the answer. 

Having someone in my corner, guiding me to be disarmingly honest with myself, cheering me on when I found the deeper issues, and holding me accountable when I try to create new habits has helped much more than I could have ever imagined.


If that sounds like it could be the answer for you and it resonates then please keep reading because that is exactly why I trained as a coach. 

Before I get into that, allow me to introduce myself properly…

I’m Kristina Day, certified Energy Coach, spiritual practitioner, meditator and course leader. 
I have been pursuing a spiritual path for over 30 years, counselling and teaching courses on many spiritual topics from how to meditate to how to manifest. And pretty much everything in-between.
Spiritual Life Coaching changed my life, and continues to do so to this day, as I work alongside some of the worlds best coaches like Mark and Magali Peysha at the Coaching Institute as just one example.
And it’s not just theory, or high level stuff or indeed wishful thinking…

Because I find coaching has helped me with my normal everyday stuff, like

Living my life in abundance. With success, freedom and fulfilment.
That’s what coaching is for. It helps you figure out your life. 
In My Spiritual Life & Energy Coaching Sessions I Will Help You Figure Out Yours.

In Our Time Together I Can Help You

To discover what I could help you with specifically, why not book a free Clarity Session with me…
In one hour together we will figure out how you personally connect with the divine, what you are being called to do in life, and look at possible resistances and fears that hold you back.


And then we

Figure out the first liberating steps that feel most aligned to move forward.

It’s free and there will be no marketing or selling at the end, I promise.
Just a choice for more – if you want.

What people say about our time working together

I have been on a very inspiring journey with Kristina. She has brought me back to my connection with the Divine. So much so that I only need to breathe deeply and know that I am in harmony with the Universe. Kristina is a wonderful guide and spiritual friend. I do not hesitate to say ‘let her help you’.
Devam H.
Kristina has a wonderfully kind touch when mentoring and shows great wisdom in finding the right approach for each individual she coaches. I would highly recommend! She’s helped me to see both my full potential to be and live what I dream of, to identify the limitations I myself had placed in way of that and to dissolve them.
Dawn C.
This is my first experience and I can tell it has brought very deep insights, aha moments and clarifications around my limiting beliefs and how to deal with them. The tools she offered are extremely valuable, and I am truly very grateful for that.
Melodie G.
My big takeaway from this week’s session is the full realization how I'm still holding back on what I wanted to do with my life which has a direct impact on my manifesting. I also uncovered more limiting beliefs that I need to address. Apart from that, the information with regards to soul contract really opened up my mind
Mellisa L.

What We Might Work On together

Experience Your Higher Self

Connect with your inner resources of nature, archetypes, grace, light, guides, angels, and ancestors.

Heal Blocks

Let go of stuck energy.

Feel your emotions with acceptance and kindness.
Release yourself from unhealthy communication and relationship patterns.

Guided Meditation Journeys

Receive your own intuitive wisdom.
Communicate and transform beliefs, issues, and energy with healing metaphors.


Find the right affirmation(s) that resonate with you and help you anchor in your new mindset. 

Tailored to You

Forgiveness, Self Acceptance, Strengthening Intuition, Exploring your Soul Contract, Creating Healthy Boundaries – whatever you need, I’m here for you. 

Accountability and Consistency

Private life and spiritual coaching gives you the clarity, accountability, and consistency you want in your life.