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Meditation Classes and Spiritual Guidance

Would you like to learn how to meditate? 

Live a more spiritual life in general?

What I can offer you:

Personalized Meditation Sessions

Soul Conversations

Spiritual Guidance

All sessions are private, face to face online meetings. One-to-one is my preferred way of working so that I can be there for you and tune in to your guidance. 

private meditation lessons

One-to-One Meditation Sessions

Personalised guided meditation, “live” face to face via skype/zoom with techniques tailored to your preferences and current situation.

We can for example focus on mindfulness techniques for everyday life, how to reduce anxiety, or how to access your inner guidance.


Anyone can meditate – it is not about “emptying the mind” or having no thoughts. (And it is certainly not about sitting cross legged on the floor.) 


* Learn to meditate. Know how to enter a more peaceful and centred state of mind

* React to difficult situations with clarity and kindness

* Connect more deeply with your intuition

heart-to-heart conversations

One-to-One Guided Soul Conversations

These conversations are deep and honest, heart to heart, soul to soul. 

We build a sacred space where we can safely bare our true self, from our deepest fear to our craziest dreams. I will receive whatever arises in you with complete acceptance, wisdom and love, and honor your vulnerability by showing my true inner self as well. 

Together we will tune in to your spirit guides, protectors and guardians to give you clear guidance, and show you ways of thinking, praying and manifesting.

* Let go of fear

* Feel heard and seen

* Get unstuck

* Get a sense of your soul contract

* Get clear on the next steps to take

personalized spiritual guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Guiding you 
To distinguish the voice of your ego from the voice of your higher self 
To better hear and feel your own intuition  
To surrender 
To find answers for your questions, overcome doubts, and get clarity


* Connect deeper with the divine

* Surrender and be in the flow 

* Fulfil your soul contract with joy

* Feel connected to your higher self and your guardian angels 

* Feel you can make the world a better place by being in it

Kristina Day, Spirit and Travel 1
Kristina Day, founder and lead writer at SpiritandTravel

What I bring to the sessions:

Hello, I’m Kristina.
I have been meditating for over 20 years. I’ve taught meditation classes and been offering spiritual guidance for most of that time. I’ve also written lengthy articles on How to Meditate Step by Step, The Most Popular Types of Meditation, and What is Spirituality.
I’m currently on a full time adventure traveling to the spiritual sites around the world.
I have found that being immersed in the blessings of holy sites has led me to confront my fears, summon my courage, grow to be my authentic self – not to mention deepen and depend on my faith.
I’m not a follower of any particular religion. I’m all faith(s).
My greatest desire is to fully awaken, and my purpose is to serve others on this path. If you feel called I would love to connect with you.

What people say

I have at times been seeking Kristina’s advice when I felt stuck or unsure of the way forward. There aren’t that many people in my life I can talk to about spirituality and personal growth so I enjoy sharing these experiences without needing to hold back or feeling weird. Sharing seems to open me up to hearing my own advice. It's like it crystallises my own guidance. I believe that all wisdom and everything we need is already inside ourselves but sometimes it can be a great help to have another voice of wisdom to support me. Some of her advice has stayed with me for many years.
After working with Kristina for the past year I have experienced many aha moments and passages of clarity from her gentle yet honest guidance. Her visions and insights have deeply supported my journey both with myself and with my daughter. After a breakdown of sorts, Kristina was a guiding light to offer me not just solace but to ask the difficult questions I may have tried to avoid. This is how she offered me a way through the darkness and out into the magic. I deeply value Kristina's gift and know that many others will be supported in the same way as she has done for myself and my daughter. Thank you lovely lady x
One soul who really knows how to value time and life. Appreciate.

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Cost: $44

Limited time offer: Pay what you wish

During the current times I offer these sessions by donation to make them accessible to all. 

I believe that meditation, prayer, and spiritual support are essentials. And I want to live in a world where everybody has access to the essentials.