Manifesting – How To Practice Straight Away

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The Meaning Of Manifesting

What does manifesting something actually mean? Manifesting is the materialization of thoughts and feelings into the physical realm.

Does this sound scary to you, or complicated – or too good to be true? Or does it sound like an empowering concept. The truth is, life is a co-creation. It is created in equal measures by the universe/source/God and our own mind.

But right now, more often than not we’re leaving this creation completely up to chance. We don’t ask the universe for anything specific nor do we use our mind to create what we want.

In truth, we don’t even know what we want.

Not true, you say? You know what you want – money, success, true love?

But what do you mean?

  • If you find a lost coin on the street then that’s money.
  • If you make a suggestion and you boss likes it that is success.
  • If your dog loves you that is true love.
Oh, that’s not what you meant?
But you didn’t say. So I didn’t know that’s not the money, success, true love you wanted. And neither does the universe.
So when I say life is a co-creation, here is how to start.

How Do I Start Manifesting

1. Get clear on what you want
2. Ask – be specific
3. Let go of the HOW. 
Let the universe come up with surprising ways to make it happen.

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it. And it is.

The first step is to get really clear on what you want.
It can be love, money, health, success – anything you want. If you’re new to manifesting I would suggest you focus on one thing first. Once you’re quite practiced at this you can focus on several things at once.
Let’s use “manifesting money” as a first example. And then how to manifest love as another.

Manifesting Money

Just wanting “more money” doesn’t work. To manifest money we need to be specific.
First of all, what do you see when you think of money? Do you see huge amounts of cash in your hands, or a stack of banknotes, or gold bars in front of you, or do you see higher numbers in your banking app or on your statement? 
There are no right and wrong answers, just get clear on how you naturally visualize money and how you know you have it.

Next, ask yourself what you want to do with the money. 

Start with one specific thing. 

You can always add more later, there are no limits. But for now, let’s start with one thing. 

For example, you may want to pay off your debt. This could be paying off a loan, all your credit cards, the cash family and friends lent you, your overdraft or your mortgage. 

Or you may want to enough money to send your kids to college, or to take a trip around the world, or to buy a new home. Whatever it is, have a clear use for the money in mind.

Now we ask the universe for what we want. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and then relax.
Calm your mind and feel a sense of connection to the universe. You are part of creation, part of all life, part of the universe.
Then state your request. This can be done in your thoughts or out loud, but use actual words and sentences even if you’re just thinking them.
Like so:

"Dear universe, I have a huge desire to pay off all my debt before the fall. Please send me X amount of money [be specific] to clear my debt by September."

While asking, see the money coming to you – for example see your loan statement go to zero, or see a whirlwind of bills coming to you that you hand over to pay off your loan.
Become aware of what that feels like. The sense of relief, comfort, joy, achievement. Immerse yourself in these feelings and images.
Keep telling the universe, This is what I want.
When you find your mind has wandered off and you have become distracted repeat the process, starting with the words and adding the mental images and how you want to feel.
Continue the process at least for one whole minute. The more momentum you give it the better.

Don’t worry about how your wishes will manifest in your life. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea how this money will come to you, or how any of what you wish to manifest will happen.

Don’t HOW your way through life.

We are tinier than a grain of sand compared to the size and power of the universe. The universe knows no limits. 

Life is a co-creation and the “how” is the universe’s part. Let it surprise you!

Watch for initial signs. 

The universe often tries out different ways of working with you, looking at what you’re receptive to. For example, you may come across an offer “out of nowhere” to pay off some of your debt interest free over a longer period. 

If you find the process is genuinely free and the application is very straightforward this is probably a sign.

This is what happened to me.
I tried to manifest “more money” for a very long time without any results until I realized my request wasn’t specific enough.
It was only when I started to ask the universe to be able to pay off my debt and requested a specific amount of money (after I had sat down and worked out the exact amount I actually needed) that money started to accumulate in my bank account!
First I came across a transfer offer that consolidated my debts and lets me pay off a very manageable amount every month for several years at no extra cost.
And then actual money started to manifest in my bank account that enabled me to pay off my biggest and most urgent debt – completely.

Manifesting Love

Just wanting “love” doesn’t work. What do we mean by that? To manifest love we need to be specific.
Try this simple exercise: sit down quietly, close your eyes, and see yourself being approached by a potential partner. They look you in the eye, stretch out a hand and say, Come with me!
Who do you see?
And how do you feel?
Do they make you feel safe, adored, challenged, trusted, supported, needed or like an equal?


And what makes you feel these things?

Come up with at least one concrete thing for each way you want to feel.

If you want to feel safe, is that with someone who is physically big and strong or someone who earns a lot of money?

Or perhaps someone who is loyal and trustworthy?

How do you know you are adored? 

When you get presents, compliments and love letters, or
What makes you feel supported?

When there is dinner on the table when you come home at night or when your partner gets a second job to bring home more money?
When your partner understands how you feel or when you can talk through problems and arrive at a solution together?
Get clear on what you want to feel and what makes you feel it. Then you can ask the universe to provide just that person!

In general, we all receive and give love in one (or more) of these ways:

  • Through words
  • Touch
  • Acts of service
  • Presents
  • Quality time

Be clear on your own love language, how you give and show that you love. And get clear on how you want to receive love.

Now we ask the universe for what we want. This step has three components: 
  • asking for something specific
  • visualizing what you want
  • feeling how you want to feel.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and then relax.
Calm your mind and feel a sense of connection to the universe. You are part of creation, part of all life, part of the universe.

Then state your request. This can be done in your thoughts or out loud, but use actual words and sentences even if you’re just thinking them. Like so:

“Dear universe, I am open and ready to receive love. Please send me a man/a woman who … [be specific].”

Here is an example of what you could say:

"Dear universe, I am open and ready to receive love. Please send me a guy who is sexy. Who accepts my body as is, and I will accept his.

A guy who is unquestionably loyal, where I can place my trust and who I will be loyal to.

A man who takes action and sticks to a schedule. Who sorts out problems and can handle conflict with courage and wisdom.

A guy who praises me and pays me sincere compliments.

A man who likes talking about emotions and knows what he feels.”

Anything is allowed! If you want him to wear glasses and have long hair, say so! I you want him to be the life of the party or take charge in the bedroom, say so.
While you are stating your request see that person come to you in your mind’s eye.
See the two of you holding hands, talking, going for a walk or a meal, or living together.
Feel the way you want to feel in this relationship – safe, adored, challenged, trusted, supported, needed… See scenarios of the two of you in your mind’s eye that make you feel this way.
Continue the process at least for one whole minute. The more momentum you give it the better.

Now that you’re clear about your dream and have sent the message to the Universe, surrender.

Let go.

Release your wish to the Universe and trust in the process.

It’s not your job to know how this dream will manifest. This is the part for the universe to do. Know that life happens for you not to you and the Universe is working in your favor!

Two pitfalls to avoid

1: Never ask for what you don’t want. Ask in the positive and avoid words like no, not, don’t, never etc.

For example, don’t say, I want a guy who would never hurt me. Instead say, I want a guy who treasures me and respects my feelings.

Don’t say, I no longer want to struggle financially. Word it positively, e.g. I want to feel abundant and wealthy.
Actually, this statement is still not as effective as it could be. Can you see what’s wrong with it?
It isn’t specific enough.

So instead of just the generic words abundant and wealthy, say what this means to you specifically.

E.g. I want to feel abundant and wealthy with savings that are always above X [specific amount] in my bank account. While you say it immerse yourself in the feeling of abundance that this amounts gives you.

2. Don’t feel guilty for asking, or unworthy of receiving.

The universe is helping us all the time. It would rather give us what we want than guess. It wants to work with us.

You are not a burden nor are you asking for too much.

And you are not taking anyone else’ share. There is enough for everyone.

The universe has created planets made entirely of gold and others where it rains diamonds (yes, really). That’s the level of abundance the universe creates. Whatever you’re asking is fine. You’re allowed.

Ways to make it easier: how to keep the momentum going in everyday life

Use a vision board (there are great apps for that), put a photo of what you want (like your dream house or your dream partner) as your phone’s screensaver, change your passwords to your money goals (“53kbySept”).
Notice whenever you have a “win” in life. This builds a relationship with the universe

Is Manifesting A Real Thing?

Yes, manifesting really works.
Everything is energy. A great video explaining why that is here.
We tend to think we are solid and separate from everyone and everything else that surround us. But there is science that shows this is – surprisingly – not the case.


There is no absolute, objective world “out there”. Everything is relative, everything we perceive goes through the filter of our own mind.

There is no such thing as a good movie or the perfect pair of jeans or a terrible meal as such – we all have such different perceptions of good and bad.

Even things that you might think would scare everyone and be perceived as “universally bad” such as losing your job isn’t met with the same reaction by everyone.

We all know people who were glad to get redundancy money and finally start their own business, or cut the commute and look for a job closer to home, or go into early retirement. 

Others throw in the towel. 

Some people are always optimistic, others always complain. We think we have no choice, that is “just the way we are” or worse, that’s just the way the world is. 

But then, why doesn’t everyone have the same reaction as we do? The truth is, we make choices and with that we create how the world looks to us. We create our own reality.

So why not use that fact and do it consciously?

Short Guided Manifesting Meditation

Connect to your soul and manifest your heart’s deepest desire.

Work on your money mindset

Examine your own beliefs. We all hold strong beliefs in our subconscious that we act on, without questioning or examining them. 

Often when we unearth them they can’t withstand logical analysis, they seem “silly” in the light of day. Which is another reason why we don’t dig them out to question them – but we still act on them, subconsciously!

Of course at first sight we all want more money. Nothing wrong with more money, right?
However, try this simple exercise: sit down quietly, close your eyes, and think of $10 coming to you, how does that feel? Now see yourself receiving $100. And now $1000, and then $10,000, $100,000 and then 1 million. 
How does that feel?

What are the thoughts that accompany being given a million dollars?
Does it feel “too much”? Like you don’t deserve it? You haven’t worked hard enough?
Or are there thoughts that everyone will now be jealous of you? Or a sense of guilt that you’re more successful than your husband or your father?
Maybe just a general feeling of being uncomfortable and if you look closer at what is underneath, maybe you find you secretly believe that money is dirty, or that wealthy people are greedy.
We all hold such beliefs that seem “absurd” when stated out loud. However, our subconscious is constantly trying to protect us from these perceived “negative consequences”.
These beliefs sabotage us and that is why it is vital that we unearth them as a first step to counteract them.
What to do next? Try tapping. Or a SoundsTrue course.

Work on your love mindset

If we’re trying to manifest love we need to examine our ingrained beliefs.
At first sight we all want to have true love and be with our soul mate. Of course!
But what are the perceived “negative consequences” that we subconsciously hold about men, women, and being in a relationship?
Earlier we did this simple exercise: sit down quietly, close your eyes, and see yourself being approached by a potential partner. They look you in the eye, stretch out a hand and say, Come with me!

Now try out different scenarios – make the person in your mind’s eye incredibly handsome or beautiful.

Do you feel the luckiest person alive? 

Or do you feel uncomfortable, ugly even or unsure what they want with “someone like you”? Or do you feel suspicious that they won’t stay long term, or that you will have so many “competitors”?

What about if they are highly intelligent? How does that feel? Does it feel good like you’ve met your equal or someone to look up to? Or do you feel threatened, or stupid?
What about if they are successful. Or wealthy. Sophisticated. Stylish. Hip. Popular. Have the perfect body.
How does any of that make you feel? Is there anything that triggers feelings of discomfort?
Or even fear?
We can’t manifest a great partner if we secretly think we don’t deserve someone like that or can’t hold on to such a partner. Or if we find the very thing that makes them “great” somehow scary.
Similarly, if “experience has taught us” (this means we now believe) that whenever we get close to someone they walk away, or that we lose ourselves, our identity and freedom in an intimate relationship then our subconscious will protect us from these unwanted “negative consequences” and get in the way of manifesting.
What to do next? Try tapping. Or a SoundsTrue course.

Are you a worrier?

If it is your habit to worry you’re actually engaging the same manifestation techniques as we discussed above! I.e. immersing yourself in visualizations and feelings. 

Only, you are visualizing worst case scenarios and feeling full of fear and worry. If many of these then come true you are already a proficient manifestor but using your skills to generate what you don’t want!
Now is the time to consciously counteract this. Engage the manifesting process by asking, visualizing, and feeling exactly what you do want.

Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work Sometimes

Sometimes we’re not specific enough. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves with our underlying beliefs in negative consequences (see above) if what we want would actually come true. And sometimes it just take the universe more time to deliver.

Lack of belief can be the biggest obstacle that can stop you from getting where you are meant to be.
This is because once your analytical mind takes over it will start questioning, analyzing, and disregarding your spiritual side, sending a message that you aren’t trusting the Universe.
So become aware of your actual thoughts, and make a conscious decision to trust the universe. If you feel you can’t and something is holding you back then focus on that and address the underlying causes.

Manifesting Examples

How I didn’t manifest love.

I have been single for quite a while – and I actually like it. 

But I recently realized that I needed to be in a relationship to tackle some issues in my own mindset that were holding me back.

I was becoming too focused on myself and needed to practice committing to another person, being there for someone else. I also needed things to be shaken up in my routine and not only live according to my own rules. 

And I needed more energy around me as I myself am usually nothing but calm and peaceful.
So I said to the universe, I’m ready to do the work! Send me someone to live with so I can work on these issues.

And the universe sent me a (female) room mate!

What I had really wanted was a romantic relationship! 

But I had forgotten to mention this detail in my request to the universe… So that didn’t manifest. 

What manifested was an awesome fun roommate who was very lively and energetic and often needed me to be there for her. The exact thing I had asked for.

Spiritual Power

Now over to you! Have you managed to manifest what you want? Or did you manifest something you didn’t actually want in that way? I respond to every comment. 

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