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Manifesting Mastery

Learn to Manifest with this
4 week online course.

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Manifesting Mastery

Manifest what you really want and consciously create your life

In this four week online course you will get step by step instructions for manifesting more love, wealth, and meaning in your life

What you'll learn

Waitlist registrants receive a special offer and a bonus not available elsewhere

Kristina your manifesting guide
Kristina your manifesting guide

What You'll Get

Learn the essential four steps for successful manifesting

Manifesting - how to practice straight away

Identify and clear your own personal limiting beliefs

Learn how to be consistent and get daily accountability for your manifesting practice

Receive practices and guided meditations every week

body scan meditation

Mix of videos which you can do anytime, and live sessions for personal attention 

Learn how to believe in yourself and trust the process

Learn how to work with the Law of Attraction

manifesting the life you came here to live

Who is this course for?

This course is for intuitive women who are interested in spiritually.
If you have been trying to manifest the life you want, but have not yet seen the desired results so far this course is for you.
If you’re ready to work with the universe and also do the inner work needed to manifest successfully then sign up to the waitlist now.
Waitlist registrants receive a special offer and a bonus not available elsewhere. 

What people say

Nadja on what I have manifested in my own work and life in Bali:

Hi Kristina, I am blown away by your direction in life and where you are right now. I feel very inspired 🙏
Nadja O.
Holistic Massage Therapist
Maria after one 1:1 coaching session where she wanted to manifest more work:

Hello dear! You won't believe this (well, you would) but I was teaching two kids and the mother just messaged me with more parents interested in my services, both privately and in groups.
One soul who really knows how to value time and life. Appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the course?

A weekly talk, practice, and a meditation. These can be watched anytime, at your convenience. A weekly live session every Thursday with live guided meditation and Q&A session. (Recorded if you cannot attend live.) Optional weekly meet up with a buddy, another course participant, if you wish.

What is the time commitment?

Ideally 20 minutes a day. Minimum 20 minutes three times a week. 

When will this course run again?

Get on the Waitlist now and we will let you know as soon as this course opens up again. In addition, Waitlist registrants receive a special offer and a bonus.