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Quarantine Fatigue?
Resources for Staying Sane and Healthy Right Now

After the initial fear surrounding the Covid-19 Coronavirus we’re now mainly experiencing quarantine fatigue. Here are some practical measures we can take to continue staying sane and healthy during these crazy times.

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counteract the fear of Coronavirus

Counteract fear and anxiety

The Corona virus itself and the accompanying pandemic of fear had levels of anxiety go through the roof for most of us.
Fear and anxiety is like a virus: it spreads very quickly. First all over your own body, and then on to others. 
Fear and anxiety lowers our immune system so it’s not helping us right now – or ever, really.
However, even when we realize this it’s easier said than done to get our calm back, isn’t it. 
I find it’s best to start with small steps that are easy to do. We don’t want to add to the overwhelm! 
First of all, whenever we feel overwhelmed by anxiety we’re usually stuck in thoughts about in the future. Something that has not happened yet.
I find as a first step it works well to take a deep breath, look around me, and become aware of my reality in this moment.
I usually find that right here and now I’m quite alright. I’m perfectly safe. 
Then it’s good to anchor this realisation into the nervous system with a simple affirmation. 
Here are some of those that I use.
Choose an affirmation that resonates with you and makes you feel calm and grounded. 
  • All is well.
  • I am perfectly alright right now.
  • I am safe.
  • I am well and happy. 

Say your chosen affirmation a few times while breathing in deeply and breathing out with a sigh.

Hold on to the feeling that right here and now you’re quite safe.

Keep looking around you and take in the sights and sounds. What can you see, hear, smell right here and now? What sensations are there in the body? Do a body scan meditation.

If anxiety arises 10 times a day say your affirmations 11 times. If it is 999 times a day it doesn’t matter, say your affirmations 1000 times. 

laugh during quarantine fatigue


Studies have shown that laughter significantly boosts the immune system and mood. It also decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells

Here is my favourite funny clip ever, just thinking about it makes me laugh! (It’s Michael McIntyre at the dentist – which doesn’t sound very funny … but trust me, I defy you not to laugh watching this.) 

What makes you laugh? What song puts you in a good mood? Have those on standby to turn to.

Quarantine Fatigue? Live online resources


Singing is joyful and healing as well as a fun way to connect to a global community. James Sill set up a fantastic free weekly online singing event called The Sofa Singers

And the charismatic Gareth Malone has started the Great British Home Chorus (anyone can join, you don’t need to be British) every week at 5.30pm British time (17:30 BST, 10.30am PDT, 1.30pm EDT)Sign up here or watch the results on Youtube here.

exercise graphic


When we’re exercising we have a physiological response that combats anxiety. There are many studies that show that physical activity can help boost immunity (such as flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways).
There are a myriad of excellent Youtube videos for which you don’t need any equipment. I personally use classes by Jessica Smith who has a free weekly workout schedule called Calm And Strong on Youtube.
And here is a very gentle Yoga class on Youtube that is truly de-stressing and relaxing.

Quarantine Fatigue? Live online resources

There is now a fantastic range of live classes being offered online. Here are some I have personally tried and can genuinely recommend:


Everyone’s favourite yoga teacher, Paul Teodo is offering live online yoga classes every weekday. Catch the replay of his first yoga class here, setting a motivation of courage in these current tumultuous times, and then getting your sweat on! (Yoga is so much more than just gentle stretching – you’ll see!) 


Choreographer Ryan Heffington is doing an amazing, super fun Dance Sweat Fest live on Instagram every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am PST and Saturdays at noon.
And Mark Kanemura, a former backup dancer with Lady Gaga, is offering 10 minute dance sessions live on his Instagram that are high energy and great fun.
meditate graphic 7


Become aware of what fear feels like for you. It might not be as explicit as a wave of panic, it might be low level anxiety. Where does it sit in your body? Are your shoulders stiff, are you feeling sick in your stomach, is your heart beating more quickly? 

Meditation can not only help us to relax and feel calm. It’s also a great tool to look at our subconscious and become aware of the thoughts we are thinking and how we’re acting on them. So meditation can be an effective way to work through any fears and anxiety we’re feeling. 
There are many resources for learning how to meditation including Guided Meditations and How to Meditate Step by Step for Beginners.

Quarantine Fatigue? Live online resources

Spiritual Practice

Rebecca Campbell (bestselling author of Rise Sister Rise) is offering soulful meditations and spiritual practices on her facebook and instagram pages. Here is a replay of her meditation to calm the nervous system.

Calming meditation

Dawn Collins (independant writer, scholar, and practitioner) at Natural Mo(ve)ment is offering a beautiful and simple meditative space online, every week on Saturday mornings at 9.30am UK time (6.30pm PDT, 9.30pm EDT)

Spiritual movie night

Here is a list of Spiritual Movies that are good for your soul. They will make you laugh and cry and may even connect you to something more meaningful during these difficult times. 

Kristina Day
Kristina Day, SpiritandTravel

One-to-One Sessions by donation 

While we’re going through these extraordinary, turbulent times I have been guided to show up and offer one-to-one guided meditation sessions, face to face (via skype/zoom), to anyone who needs them.

For a limited time these are donation based to make them accessible to all. Pay what you wish. More info and book here. 

(I believe that meditation, prayer, and spiritual support are essentials. And I want to live in a world where everybody has access to the essentials.)
help for one another during quarantine

Help Others

Helping others is the smartest way of helping ourselves, because it produces a feeling of purpose and connection. Two fundamental values we all crave and cannot achieve by thinking merely of ourselves. 
help to the elderly during Coronavirus

Why not copy this letter and put it through the door of an elderly or vulnerable neighbour. 

The sweetest, kindest, and coolest family in the world – aka The Bucket List Family – will help you help others.

If you know someone in need and plan to help them financially with the groceries, bills, and other necessities they will match your donation. Details on their Instagram post

Turn off the Coronavirus news

Turn off the news and false friends 

Be mindful what and how much news you’re consuming and which friends you’re surrounded with. Be selective! 
Check how you feel when you watch the news and are around your friends. Are they sending you down the anxiety spiral?
Check with yourself in all honesty, which news and which friends are serving you?   

Give yourself permission to take breaks from the news and from false friends. Don’t compromise your mental health for the sake of politeness. Be discerning, exercise self care, and take responsibility for your own mindset. You are much more use to yourself and others if you remain calm, grounded, and dare I say it, happy.

eat healthy during quarantine

Eat healthy

Eat more fresh fruit and veg, reduce sugar and alcohol, cut out junk food.
If you have been thinking about changing to a healthier diet now is the time. A plant based diet is generally considered one of the healthiest ways you can eat. 
Here is what that could look like: fresh fruit, and tacos filled with salad, avocado, and sautéd mushrooms. (All organic and vegan). Quick to make and tastes delicious! 
Here is a no-nonsense guide to plant based eating including recipes.
easy healthy plant-based lunch

Can’t cook, won’t cook? 

There are great ways to have fresh healthy food delivered right to your doorstep, so all you have to do is heat it and eat it! 

sleep graphic

Get lots of (good quality) sleep

Don’t skimp on sleep! Getting good sleep every night makes a huge difference to our health, both physically and mentally.
Make a point of deeply relaxing just before drifting off so the sleep you get is truly restful. Here is a sleep meditation and a body scan to help you relax and get deep restful sleep.
healthy gut graphic

Healthy Gut

Did you know that there’s a strong link between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health and more?
Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, de-stressing by exercising and having fun, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water will all help your gut stay healthy. Taking probiotics (as well as a prebiotic) can also help.

A Final Thought

The quarantine might be an opportunity to make changes in our life that we’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Live more healthily, take care of our bodies and our minds, become more independent of mass media, help one another, and also enjoy life more! Now is the time.

Spiritual Power

Over to you

rolemodel calm, protected and joyful during Coronavirus

Have you found some great resources for boosting your immune system? How do you keep calm and joyful? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus & Quarantine Fatigue? Resources to Stay Sane and Healthy Right Now”

  1. Fabulous post K, I shall enjoy going through the various links. I hope you’re very well, all fine for me here, just adjusting to not going out. Vitamin C is said to be good at this time of Covid-19. A lot of people are thinking that setting a daily schedule can help with home isolation, the online live broadcasts will be good for people setting aside that important time, not so easy for those with children at home though. At 15:30 every day a few of us on our street are going outside with a cup of tea and standing 3m apart having a chat. xxx

    1. Thanks for the fabulous update, Rach! Big yes to Vit-C, and echinacea and zinc too. And I love that idea of going outside and connecting, even though it has to be 3m apart! Physical distancing, social solidarity.

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