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Hello and a warm welcome

I’m Kristina. I’m the founder of SpiritandTravel and I love travelling with purpose. Do you?
I’m currently on a full time adventure travelling to the spiritual sites around the world.
I’m not a follower of any particular religion. I’m all the faiths.
I have found that the process of travelling and being immersed in the blessings of holy sites has led me to confront my fears, summon my courage, grow to be my authentic self – not to mention deepen and depend on my faith. 
It has also made me more protective and caring of Mother Earth and her beauty. 
So, if you too are interested in sacred journeys, personal growth, pilgrimages, healing, meditation, yoga retreats, and sustainable living then this site is for you.

Want to find out more about me?

I’ve been spiritual long before I knew the word.
Like many children, I could see angels and energies when I was small. However, this was not encouraged by my family who was fiercely atheist. (I was the only kid exempt from religious studies at school. It felt very awkward when I alone had to leave the classroom).
In my teens I met my best friend and for her, talking about angels and God was as natural and real as talking about school and homework. Thanks God.
I’m sure I would not have agreed to come into this life if she hadn’t been part of my soul contract.
In my 20s I sought to join the Christian church but was told that as long as I believed in reincarnation I would not be allowed to join.
I don’t know where my belief in reincarnation came from, because I hadn’t had any exposure to eastern faiths at all. But somehow I knew this to be true.
I felt lost but kept reading the bible by myself.
In my thirties I met Buddhism which became my spiritual home for well over a decade. I built a strong philosophical understanding, meditation practice, and spiritual support crew (both worldly and otherworldly) with teachers, friends, holy beings and divine messengers.
Eventually I was told by my guardian angel that it was time to forge my own path and stop following other people. 
This has been daunting (and still is at times!) but from a feeling of being lost emerged my own authentic insights and personal inner practice – and a much greater sense of awakening.
I’m now slowly traveling on an eternal pilgrimage to the spiritual sites around the world. 
My strongest experiences on this journey have been with Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. However, the more I awaken the more I am all faith(s).

One-to-One Sessions by donation 

While we’re going through these extraordinary, turbulent times I have been guided to show up and offer one-to-one guided meditation sessions and spiritual guidance, face to face (via skype/zoom), to anyone who needs them.

For a limited time these are donation based to make them accessible to all. Pay what you wish. More info and book here. 

(I believe that meditation, prayer, and spiritual support are essentials. And I want to live in a world where everybody has access to the essentials.)

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